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Jada Pinkett Smith GOES NUDE For Anti-Human Trafficking VIDEO!

Jada Pinkett Smith just released her Anti-Human trafficking video, in which she posed nude and addresses the wrongs of human trafficking worldwide. 

In a video directed by award-winning actress Salma Hayek, Mrs. Smith bares her body and soul in a new anti-human trafficking piece called “Nada Se Compara (Wicked Evolution),” the video stems from the Don’t Sell Bodies organization which campaigns to end human trafficking. More details below…..

Jada’s inspiration came around after her daughter Willow Smith showed her the Kony 2012 video detailing child sex trafficking. After doing some research of her own, Jada decided that this was an issue she wanted to take on.

She adds that this isn’t a “women’s” issue and the men in our lives need to get involved as well. She spoke about Will saying,

“He’s amazing because he wants to lend support in every way. In order to combat this, we need our men. We need our soldiers. Let me tell you, I love girl power, but ain’t nothin’ like having some muscle behind you! Will’s got some big ones.”

Watch Jada talks about the video below:


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