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Jennifer Williams‘ ex-husband Eric Williams allegedly has a secret child, which she didn’t know nothing about.

The alleged baby mama (Tavia Serena Cannon) is demanding Eric to pay her child support. Tavia filed the claim against the former baller, and on the docs she stated that the child was conceived in October 2011, according to TMZ who have obtained the court papers.
Here’s what went down:

Tavia filed the a Complaint for Support in PA last week, she claims she had a child with Eric in October 2011. Cannon says she makes $300/week babysitting and wants Williams to fork over some cash and medical coverage for the kid.

Here’s the rub … at the time the baby was allegedly conceived — Jan/Feb 2011 — the former NBAer was still married to Jennifer … who didn’t file for divorce until June 2011.

Sources close to Jennifer tell TMZ this news comes as a shock. They claim the “BB Wife” had NO CLUE about the child. Their divorce is still pending in a NJ court.

This is not the first child for Eric. In 2010, a woman named Brandy accused Eric of being a deadbeat dad who wouldn’t take a paternity test so she decided to tweet Jennifer a pic of her 18 month old son Jaden just to confirm that the baby does exist:

Sources close to Jen say she is shocked by the claim and had no clue Eric had fathered a child behind her back.

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