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“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Star Joseline Hernandez admits to acting on impulse when she tweeted a naked picture of herself and says it was a bad move.

The controversial reality star revealed in a recent interview, which she answered questions surrounding her gender that drove her to drastic measures, but that she will never again stoop so low ever again. More details below………….

The reality vixen told GlobalGrind,

“When they were saying ‘is she a women, or is she a man?’ It frustrated me. It depressed me.”  

“It drove me crazy to the point that I did that – send a picture of myself, humiliating myself even more, because I allowed people to get up under my skin.”

“These people are the bullies. Twitpic a picture of myself — who does that, just to prove to you that I’m not what I know I’m not?”

“I will never let anybody take me out of character, where I have to Twitpic myself because somebody said I look like this or I look like that.”

Ratchetness aside, we actually feel quite sorry for Joseline. Also, she was spotted with Stevie J at Club Caviar.

Joseline and her MAN-ager, Stevie J. were spotted recently at Club Caviar in Charlotte, North Carolina. Where the she rocked a red studded wedge heels again as she stood by Stevie J.’s side as he sat in his chair like a true pimp.

So, is it time for us to give Joseline a break?

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