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Karlie Redd Talks Mimi, Love & Hip Hop, Cancer Charity & Launching Her Brand!

“Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta star and aspiring music artist Karlie Redd has been branded as an instigator that’s always causing trouble. From telling who’s cheating with whom has helped to raise the drama factor, enough to cause drinks to fly and punches to get thrown. More details below…….

However, the new-found fame is all in the name of building an entertainment career and her charity, raising funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.
Karlie recently sat down with BET to talk about her future ventures, her role on the popular hit show and reality TV as the launching pad for stardom.

Tell me about the pancreatic cancer charity your company is sponsoring.

Cancer hits very close to home for me. Three of my family members died from cancer. And one of the people that works for my company, Redd Remy Hair, her mother died from pancreatic cancer. How the charity works is that we do events to help promote my Redd Remy Hair line, to get people talking about the hair. Whatever sales we make at the event, we give a percentage to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, which encourages additional research, increases awareness, and provides support to families coping with loved ones who have cancer.

Being a cast member of L&HHA definitely helps bring attention to that cause. How did you become a part of the series?

There was a little buzz going on around me. I’d already done Scream Queen and had [an appearance on]Beverly Hills Fabulous. I was in Atlanta recording, and I came in to talk to Mona Scott [L&HH’s executive producer] about being on the show. Because I kept it so real with her — and I love Mona to death — she brought me on.

On L&HHA, you’ve emerged as the cast member whose words make the conflicts happen. Is that intentional or is that just your personality?

What happened was that Mimi Faust [girlfriend of music producer Stevie J.], well, I didn’t know she was going to be at this party. So, I was keeping it real about what I saw, because I’d want my friend to tell me she saw my man kissing someone else or hugging or talking to someone in a manner that Joseline [Hernandez] did with Stevie J. I was just keeping it real with what I saw.

But you also — in last week’s episode — went out of your way to tell Mimi about another woman who claimed to have slept with Stevie J. You seem to want to cause the drama even though the show doesn’t focus on you.

What happened was the girl came up to me. I’m walking into the party and the girl came up to me and told me she f***** Stevie J. And I’m like, “Huh?” Why wouldn’t I tell my girlfriend that?

Positively or negatively, how do you think this show will impact your brand?

Nowadays, in the entertainment industry, you have to have a buzz. You can be signed to a label and don’t have a buzz and no one knows about you. No one hears that song. But people are watching the TV show. They can hear my music, and I move on from there. And I can create a buzz.

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  1. lvberly

    August 6, 2012 at 4:28 am

    And for the record, Karlie isn't the one creating conflict, she was just a witness to something shady. The real responsibility lies at the feet of those who are really doing wrong. Doing their dirt in public, where others can see or hear about it!

    If rumors spread, or if word gets back to someone that you don't want to know, then maby you need to be making some different choices in your life. Then their won't be anything to tell, no rumors and no gossip, that can hurt you later!

  2. lvberly

    August 6, 2012 at 5:20 am

    And another thing, these days with show's like:




    Women who aren't warned about who they're dating, are at risk of getting hurt. Even the women on "I MARRIED A MOBSTER" have to find out the hard way, and that only makes it harder for these women to protect themselves. I saw a women on Oprah, who got Aids from a husband who was sleeping around on her. No one told her, and now she has to worry about her health and what will happen to her child, if/when she dies!

    Yes many people believe that its wrong to snitch, but its better to be warned & safe, than be blind and wind up getting hurt! If you love or care about someone, tell them what they need to know!

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