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Kobe Bryant Saying His Rape Trial Helped Him To Become A Better Person!

L.A Laker’s superstar Kobe Bryant is saying that his rape case in Eagle, CO has helped him to grow as a person and he not only learned a lot about himself, but he has matured in the process. More details below………………

In an extremely rare moment with sports interview guru Graham Bensinger … Kobe opened up about his state of mind during the 2003 legal battle … calling the court proceedings a “dark time.”

Kobe explained,

 “I think it challenges who you are as a person. To have to go through something like that with not only individually but as a family. For the Lakers organization, my teammates. It was extremely difficult and you kinda had to do some soul searching, because you’re fighting numerous battles at the same time. You just kind of try to figure your way through all of this mess. And the only thing that you can do is put one foot in front of the other, and just continue to move forward.”

Kobe ultimately settled with his accuser and admitted no guilt but did fess up to cheating on his wife Vanessa Bryant. Which he then apologized to her and reportedly dropped $4 million on some make-up jewelry. 

During the in interview with Graham, Kobe revealed that he has discussed the case with NFLer Ray Lewis who was once charged with and cleared of murder, because he could relate to the kind of pressure he was facing.

“Other players can’t relate to that sort of stuff, to that type of pressure,” Bryant said … “That’s real pressure.”

Check out the full interview below:

source: YahooNews


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