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This is not a surprise, because we all know she likes the bad boys! …. Rapstress Lil Kim’s ex- Damion “World” Hardy is being accused of murdering six people, and now he’s facing the death penalty!

The “Queen Bees” ex-, could be sentenced to death for murdering six people. Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block ruled this week that Hardy can be forcibly medicated to ensure mental competence at his murder trial, reports the New York Daily News. More details below………………….

Hardy’s lawyer, David Ruhnke, said Thursday (July 19) that he would appeal the decision, despite clearing it with his client, who suffers from schizophrenia.

Prosecutors have been fighting to have the mentally ill suspect medicated so that he is able to comprehend court proceedings, for the last three years.”There is an important government interest in proceeding to trial against Hardy and seeking justice for the six murders,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney James Loonam in court documents.

The 37-year-old is a former leader of a Brooklyn drug organization known as the Cash Money Brothers. He was stayed with Kim in her New Jersey mansion, and used to drive around in a Range Rover purchased by the rap star, but it is unclear how long they were an item.

Police arrested Hardy in 2004 for his role in six murder, four of which he reportedly ordered as retaliation for the death of his brother at the hands of his rival, Ivery Davis. Hardy is also accused of taking the life of an employee who kicked him out of a Brooklyn skating rink, and killing Swedish filmmaker Johan Comitz, who was a bystander in the Davis murder.

Since being placed behind bars, Hardy continues to exhibit sociopathic behavior, and notes himself as a Messiah, known as Isa Ibn Jibril. In June, he wrote a letter to Block informing him that a local newspaper published an article ordering his release. 

“The very problem is that Hardy believes that he need not answer the serious charges against him,” 

The judge wrote in his decision to allow the accused killer to be medicated.

Over the last six years, Hardy has been in trouble for terrorizing both guards an inmates. He stabbed an inmate in the head with a comb he sharpened into a weapon, hit a guard with a sock full of batteries, and re-filled a tube of toothpaste with feces in urine, among other reprehensible acts.


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