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Movie Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Ice Age:
Continental drift opens today and it is perfect for children who enjoy animation movies and
especially those which are packed with action and adventure.
They will
enjoy watching the many adventures of a mammoth named Manny, a
squirrel named Scrat, a sloth named Sid, and the saber toothed Diego while coasting on an iceberg
after the continents begin to drift.
This continent shifting or drifting offers a learning point and so
the movie can also be considered educational. 
The part where Scrat the squirrel
navigates his way to a continent called Scratlantis can also be used as a history teaching tool for the discovery of the old or is it the new worlds.
Anyway, the
point I’m trying to slide home is that Ice Age: Continental drift is worth watching if you
have kids that can appreciate it or you are into prehistoric adventures.    


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