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Ne-Yo speaks on Frank Ocean’s Open Letter and his own GAY RUMORS!

Singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo had some choice words to say about Frank Ocean’s open letter to his fans.  Ne-Yo is no stranger to the whole ‘is he gay’ rumors himself, so when asked by Yesi Ortiz of Power 106 how he felt about Frank Ocean, he responded:

“To each his own, if that’s how he rock, that’s how he rock, you know what I mean. It don’t change the fact that his music is incredible. It don’t change the fact that he’s an incredible artist. He chose to put his personal life out there, and that’s him. I don’t fault people for who they are, if that’s really who you are, you know what I mean. If that’s really who you are then by all means do what you do. I’m not gonna judge you behind that. That’s not my place.


Ne-Yo went on to speak about his own GAY RUMORS and this is what he had to say—->CLICK HERE


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