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Rapper B.G. Saying He’s Ready to Go to Prison, Plus Flo-Rida SUED For $200K, After DITCHING 10 Shows In Canada!

I’ve never heard of anyone being so mentally stable and excited to go to prison for 14 years!

Former “Hot Boys” rapper B.G. says he’s mentally prepared to begin his 14 year prison sentence for gun possession and witness tampering, while telling TMZ he’s focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. (The only light at the tunnel he’ll be seeing is a bunch of hungry horny men trying to get some!)…. Plus, Flo-rida is in the hot seat for not showing up to more than 10 shows in Canada, and now the promoter’s are suing the rapper for $200,000. More details below………….

31-year-old B.G. aka Baby Gangsta, who’s real name is Christopher Dorsey has pleaded guilty to crimes stemming from a messy 2009 traffic stop.

Now, B.G. released a statement through his rep Tracey Smith … saying, 

“I am relieved I found out what my fate was yesterday because I was facing 30 years and my case kept getting pushed back.”

He also adds, 

“I am just ready to get my sentence started because it’s not RIP BG it’s FREE BG … I feel happy and blessed that I will still be a young man and still be able to see daylight because I am someone, a dad, a brother and a son.”

B.G. says he expects his career to continue to thrive while he’s locked up,

“will have upcoming music that will be released while I am away.”

Good for you, man!

Let’s switch over to Lawsuits!

A promoter is suing rapper/Miami native Flo Rida for $200k in a federal lawsuit, saying he screwed over the entire country of Canada by pulling the plug on a concert tour!

The suit was filed this week in Florida (the state) by Spin Artist Agency which claims they had a signed contract for the rapper to perform at 10 shows in the summer of 2011 … but he never showed.

According to the suit, Flo was supposed to perform from July 3 to July 12 — but just one day before that Flo’s reps “wrongfully cancelled the Tour.”

SPAA is suing Flo Rida for breach of contract and claiming massive loses in ticket, concession and booze sales.


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