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Recap: “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Joseline’s Sit Down With Mimi, K. Michelle Beef It Up With Karlie Redd, Stevie J’s True Colors & More!

We are in week “3” of Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” where things are heating up and week 4 looks like its going to be the one not to miss!

Joseline is over being the secret girl, even though she loves being called the side chick. She sat down with Mimi on last night’s episode and spill the tea on who her real baby daddy is. See how it all went down below:
Joseline went way over board with saying “I’m pregnant by yo’ man,” to Mimi which Mimi just wasn’t up for the low life convo that they were having. No woman wants to hear that, but you know what makes it even worse? When the man is carrying the pregnancy test around in his pocket. Like seriously?? She peed on it fool!!

Joseline jumps right in, “You and I know that when I first met him back in December he didn’t come home for three months,” she tells Mimi. “I know whose baby I have in my stomach, and you know too.” Forget the small talk they went straight for the hardcore stuff. “As far as you are concerned, you’re a stripper who’s trying to get on,” Mimi responds. Mimi’s defensive response is of course to question whether Joseline knows who she’s pregnant by. “I’m pregnant by your man,” Joseline said which quieted Mimi. As they’re talking Stevie J texts Joseline. Mimi is forced to deal with the situation and suggests Joseline invites him there. 

Even though Joseline dropped the baby bomb on Stevie J that she’s pregnant with his child. He still questions if the baby is even his. “Believe it or not, I’m very stingy with my kitty cat,” said Joseline. Which she lets him know she’s not to be played with. “I’m gonna bring you the 50 percent paperwork,” referring to the contract Mimi drew up asking for 20 percent from his business. Stevie stands up to grab his manhood to let her know that’s all the 50 percent she will be getting. Um Oh Wow. Apparently when you’re Stevie, this is the appropriate response when a woman tells him she’s pregnant by him. “He just disgusts me, and I don’t wanna have nothing to do with him, and I don’t want him to even touch me” says Joseline (the side chick).

Stevie J shows up with the pregnancy test in hand. Ewww. That has pee on it, y’all. “I don’t know any man in their right f—- mind who’s gonna carry around the next b— pregnancy test in their pocket. Who does that?” says Mimi. Your man does, girl. Now Mimi wants all the details and asks, “When’s the last time y’all f—?” Joseline says five days ago while Stevie says a month ago. Mimi walks out and things get ugly. Stevie J threatens to send Joseline back to the strip club and throws a drink on her. Who throws a drink on a pregnant woman? C’mon now. Luckily Joseline has decent reflexes. Guess what happened after, She yelled at him talking about everytime he threatens to send her back to strip club, and she wants nothing to do with him. Plus after he was “watch how you talk to me,” he then went ahead and say this:

“You look nice by the way” and walked away!

Um, LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! I wonder if this was the same way Kanye West spoke to Amber Rose “Send that ass back to sues in a heart beat” LOL!
Anyhow, Joseline tells her gay best friend that she’s pregnant. “When me and Stevie met it was just a connection that happened so fast.” “Even if he is a bad man, he gave me a chance. He gave me opportunity,” she said. “At the end of the day I love him.” We finally get a backstory to Joseline’s life. She grew up poor as one of six kids, and her mom was on drugs for 25 years. She ran away from home at 12 years old and eventually ended up stripping to survive. “Stevie used to always tell me, ‘you tell people that we’re having sex your career is over,’” which is why she kept it a secret. Her friends suggests she has a chat with Mimi.

The beef kicks off with K.Michelle and instigator/informant Karlie Redd. Michelle was in the studio with producer B. Cox about her upcoming showcase. Where she talked about leaving Jive records, and had no money to record a label because it was already spent. “(Memphitz)”. She went up to label and yelled, “Who’s responsible?” like a mad woman and everyone ran into their offices and locked the door. “I wanted to know. I wanted the receipts. I wanted to know who did it,” she says. Because of this she is now known as a crazy woman, and says labels are scared to sign her. Brian Cox gave her some advice and reassures her that they want to work with her, but “they’re absolutely terrified.” So now, she’s going to have to prove herself which won’t be that hard for the reality star.

K. then invites the ladies to her showcase where Stevie J walks in drunk and looking for trouble. K. sang her heart out and got everyone in trance (By the way ‘Bury My Heart’ is my ring tone, DONT JUDGE ME). “I left the haters with their face on the floor,” she said. Meanwhile Karlie Red was spilling some tea, again, telling Mimi about yet another woman that has slept with Stevie. “Karlie drops another bomb at another K.Michelle event, like, is this becoming a pattern or something?” Mimi asked. Stevie J can feel Mimi’s wrath already. “I want to feel some type of affection when I see my girl, but when I look up Mimi’s giving me some kind of stink eye, and I know I’m in trouble” said Stevie. The battle of the kiss begins. Stevie J demands a kiss, “GIMME KISS” which Mimi was like get away, but he continues to pry. But he left with dry lips.

Erica mocks Stevie when he walks away, but he walks up on her and gets mad that he was being mocked. Erica’s impression of him was hilarious. But Stevie wasn’t laughing. Erica wasn’t afraid and held her ground. “Baby, you don’t intimidate me. I’m sorry. You all bark no bite,” she said. Drama escalates when he calls her a “bitch” and “slut monkeys” before walking off. Really Stevie? That was beyond low.

When Mimi meets up with Stevie in a parking lot the next day he says he wants to apologize to Erica and that he’d been drinking. She takes this time to address the rumors of him sleeping with the woman Karlie pointed out at the showcase. Stevie denies, denies, denies. “I don’t recall,” he says. Oh, Mimi. You’ve got your hands full.
Rasheeda’s husband / manager Kirk is still pissed off, after she was two hours late for the video shoot. She started off saying again “I’ll be there when I f—in’ get there, that’s how I was feeling.” Apparently money doesn’t mean a thing to Rasheeda. She was not fazed over the $300-$400 she assumed being late costs. Kirk lets her know her lateness results in $2,000 wasted. He then tells her he believes for what she wants as an artist she should probably sing to a label. Rah is not liking the idea of signing to a label, which Kirk doesn’t care, he just wants peace in their marriage of six years.

Lil Scrappy has finally found his own apartment and goes to talk to the matriarch of the family, Momma Dee. We all know Momma Dee is going to support whatever her son does, and “as long as he doesn’t drag in another woman like Diamond, mama down with that.” And I’m spilling the Tea, on next weeks episode, Scrappy gets a little touchie with a Jump off and I’m no scrappy NOOO!!

Erica is having second thoughts about Scrappy moving out, so she tried to change his mind with a sexy lingerie, lite candles, red roses and keeps the massage oil close. The so called prince of the ATL was like “I really feel like Prince Hakim right now. I done came back to America,” he says before she rubs his feet. But, why did he have to tell her he found an apartment? Erica kept her cool and got him to tell her their relationship is still on the up and up. But we think Scrappy could be on a different page despite what he told her. “If Erica was the kind of person that could give me that umph in love, not just the L and the E, but the OV in the middle, I’ll mess with that.”

Now, as Scrappy packs to move out Erica tells him about her encounter with Stevie J. “Yo ma, give me kiss,” Erica says as she reinacts the story. We can’t stop laughing at Erica’s impression. But when she tells Scrappy Stevie called her a “bitch” Scrappy’s whole demeanor changes. “Bitch?” he asks with a perplexed look on his face. “I wanna rough him up, you feel me? I wanna put them paws on him,” Scrappy says. We didn’t know Scrappy had paws. Now Scrappy is mad.

K.Michelle knows Ariane will keep it real with her about her showcase so she goes to her place for some girl chat. It doesn’t take long for her to tell Ariane that Karlie is stirring up mess. Again. Apparently K.Michelle approaches Brian Cox (the producer K.Michelle is working with) and says, “You’re messing with the wrong artist.” Karlie must not care about having no friends. “Honey, last time I checked people ain’t throwing out record deals to 50 year old aspiring artists without even a Wikipedia page,” says K.Michelle. We think K.Michelle is one person Karlie doesn’t want it with. “I hope somebody give her some kind of job, the National Enquirer or somebody gives her a check because she’s in everybody’s business but her own,” said K.Michelle.

I guess everyone wants to whoop that “DEPLETED ASS CHEEKS”(K. Michelle said it) of KARLIE REDD!!

But it didn’t end their with K. as she battles to save her music career is heartbreaking. Her voice is beautiful, but as she says, “Singing good is only half the battle.” She meets up with music manager Jeff Robinson to see what she can do about shaking this bad reputation. He holds no punches with her telling her one of the former employees of her label told him she was “crazier than a bag of hammers.” Jeff wouldn’t promise her he’d work with her, but he gave her the tough love talk she will most likely be thankful for in the future. It will be interesting to see how her career progresses.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is all about Drama.. Plus word on the street is that Joseline aborted the baby, and Mimi let Stevie go. But where will K.Michelle’s career go and what will happen when Scrappy confronts Stevie J (BEAT DOWN)? Stay tuned for next weeks episode!

“Love & Hip hop: Atlanta” airs Monday’s at 8 p.m. on Vh1.




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