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Recap: “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” K. Michelle Still Beefing With Karlie Redd, Erica Over Lil Scrappy, Karlie & Benzino’s “Hot, Kissy. Romantic Dinner!”

On Tonight’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Joseline was doing a photo-shoot for her upcoming album where her producer/man-ager Stevie J decided to stop by to check up on his number one side chick/alleged “now” main chick/main artist.

But everything went down south after he wasn’t liking her Tropicana outfit calling it a joke, to her texting his baby mama “Mimi Faust” which even set Joseline off, saying:

“I just think Stevie J is just JEALOUS, that’s why he always running back to Mimi….. because she’s insecure with herself, they just belong together.”

Clearly I don’t think Mimi is insecure, because she has a child for this man and she gotta secure her own. Anyhow, Joseline even had a sit down with her friend Queen to talk about the drama that happened at the photo shoot and seeing other producers because she’s not putting all her eggs in one basket! (Even though she already aborted one, like a week ago!)

Now, Momma Dee and her new daughter-in-law Shay Buckeey-Johnson (See her tape pics here) had a lunch date to clearly talk about Lil Scrappy and his ex- Erica. On Last week’s episode we saw Scrappy broke it off with his Baby Mama after she allegedly left him for dead during a Asthma attack, because she was more caught up in her work than him. Shay clearly wanted to get in good with Momma Dee (Talk About A Supa Head Gold Digger) so without her approval she and scrappy cannot have a peaceful or happy relationship. I just can’t wait for Erica to check this bitch soon!

Now, we have Mimi and Karlie Redd having a sit down to talk about what happened during their last sit down that ended in a throw down between Karlie and K. Michelle.

Karlie feels like Mimi wasn’t being a friend in defending her when she was attacked by K. Also, Mimi admitted to Ms. Redd saying she was right about everything with Stevie J and she should have listened instead of going at her.
Speaking of Karlie, she invites K.Michelle to her photoshoot trying to hash things out, and finds her to be immature and incapable of an adult conversation. And K. went off on that ass cheeks of Karlie, and ended her rant with “I Like Your Pink Dress.” Check out the clip below:

On the other side of town, Lil Scrappy is in the process of moving out, and tries to talk to Erica about their previous conversation. Saying he still loves her and wants to be with her, after he told Shay that he’s over her without even telling Erica then drops the Child Support bomb on her. Erica made arrangements with Scrappy to put away an X amount of money, so that their daughter Imani would have something when she’s older. Scrappy decides that he wants to make sure the agreement between him and Erica still stands since he’s no longer with her. Check out the video below:

Romance…Romance…. This reminds me of Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones hot hotel dinner which turned from romance to an arguement even though karlie and Benzino was just straight steamy romance.

To set the record straight, Karlie says she is 29 years old!!!…… Clearly Karlie is heads over heels in love with Benzino as she stops by his house for a romantic candle-lit dinner, which he cooked and prepared himself:

(Pause, did he just said he can’t stop thinking about her,… he’s just in love with her a$s, so stop it lol)

There was alot of tears coming from Rasheeda and her husband/manager Kirk. Rasheeda isn’t sure about her team working the way she wants them to, in terms of building the Boss Chick / Independent Chick Brand and feels like she need to talk to Kirk about her having a meeting with outside management which he then feels betrayed and disrespected. Plus her video premiere of “Marry Me” wasn’t a complete disaster! 

Joseline saying Mimi (and including herself) are the victims of Stevie J’s mind games. Joseline even extend her sincere apologizes to Mimi for the threatening text messages, but Mimi wasn’t buying it.

Um… I just can’t believe Joseline stole Mimi’s man and they having a sit down about it?? How about a throwndown, hair pulling, weave flying, fake eyelashes being torn out? you know, the full 9 yards of chick fight!!

So what ya’ll think about tonight’s episode??? Sound off comments below…
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” airs Monday’s at 8 p.m. only on Vh1!



  1. Anonymous

    July 24, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    That damn Joseline made me cry (I believe her when she said Stevie told her that Mimi was just the babies mother) bc the proof is in the pudding Stevie J is a liar! Her apology was sincere Mimi, has alot of anger when for real it's not Joselines fault Stevie is responsible and owes Mimi not Jose lol (still not sure if she's really a women) but yes I think they're both victims of Stevies Lies!

  2. L.A Lana

    July 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Like I said, Producing tears is not always a honest show of emotion!!! People fake the tears all the time, the camera is rolling…this is some dumb sh!t. Mimi and Joseline both deserve what they are getting. No real woman could stomach Stevie J, he is an obvious bullsh!ter and is no good at it. No woman that is in her right mind could sit and entertain 60 seconds of his dumbness. Mimi and Joseline along with all the other groupies created Stevie J. He cannot be a player until someone gets played.

  3. Anonymous

    July 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    Ewwww dammm man thing, lookin like sh_t and gay azz Stevie J coming to see his man thing wif his weak azz, she more man than u

  4. Anonymous

    July 24, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    Erica needs to keep Lil Scrappy on court ordered child support of the top. Buckeey just trying to get on Momma Dee side to go up against Erica, but it aint worth the fight for Lil Scrappy…K Michelle is just keeping it real with Karlie and that bitch is a far call from beng 29, try 49…Karlie is out to get whatever she can even whenit means sleeping he way to the bottom cause she will never be on top, she's been driving threw more than a McDonald's drive thru…Joseline making her way into the industry with Steve J's help and going to forever remain loyal to him until someone else starts to FUCK HER BRAINS…Mimi staying in her position with K Michelle and Karlie which is good but the sit down with Karlie is going to be more to that later…WATCH. Really hate to see Rasheeda and Kirk having problems but Kirk needs to let Rasheeda see for herself how hard the industry is and let go on the sake of keeping their marriage, less worries and stress for him. Now I'm ready for Mimi to stop being so damn calm and put Joseline in her place, not for Steve J but for the respect she lost while Joseline was tring to play with her….

  5. Anonymous

    July 24, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    Joslin is a MAN…the pregnancy thing was fake for the t.v.!!! It's ok to be gay or bi but damn just be real with it! DAMN!!!!

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