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Recap “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Mimi FINALLY KICKS Stevie J. Out, K. Michelle & Karlie Redd Throws Down, Karlie Finds Love & More!

Tonight’s episode KICKS OFF with Erica Dixon and Joseline Hernandez having a sit down about the explosive brawl that went down the night before, between Lil Scrappy and Stevie J along with Joseline accusing Erica of sleeping with her man-ager Stevie.

However, Erica was on the defense mode of giving Joseline another beat down, instead Joseline ended the convo with “I see you, when I see you.” Plus, throwing some shade, saying: “Maybe Erica’s Just Jealous of Me.” More details below………

Now, Mimi have cleaned house, meaning she sent baby daddy (Tranny Loving) Stevie J packing. because she’s tired of the BullSh*t. With her home girl Ariane who still thinks it’s just another Mimi Faust phase, because she’ll eventually take him back. “I just know you. I know your a— will fall victim to the manipulation,” said Ariane. Mimi jokingly tells Ariane that she doesn’t have any faith in her.

Check out Mimi dropping off Stevie J’s stuff and where the situation turns into a confrontation between the two until Stevie J suggests seeing a therapist:

Later that Evening, K. Michelle (Who confirmed that she’s bisexual)invited Mimi to a one on one spa date, to know how she’s doing, then the convo ended up going with K. talking about Karlie Redd and how there needs to be a sit down.

At the spa K.Michelle tells Mimi Stevie J’s not going to “react too good” to having to come get his belongings packed in boxes. “I didn’t react too good about him getting the next one pregnant,” Mimi retorted.

To add fuel to Mimi’s I’m-packing-his-stuff-party, she says Joseline has been sending her threatening texts. Yet Mimi doesn’t understand why Joseline is so mad when she’s the side chick. K.Michelle has Karlie Redd on the brain because she’s sick of the drama. “I am over Karlie,” K.Michelle says as she raises from her massage chair. “She’s too old for this. Senior citizens should not act like that.” K.Michelle gives Mimi the go ahead to set up a sit-down between the two. But K.Michelle warns that if she starts having flash backs of everything this woman has done, everybody needs to clear the room.

Despite the whole drama before and ahead, K. Michelle, Rasheeda and Erica met up for a cool outside drink to spill some tea on what’s going down with everyone. But while everyone was giving deets about their problems either about k. Michelle not liking Karlie Redd or Resheeda dilemma about signing to a record company, the conversation just turned to Erica’s relationship with Scrappy and his Momma who keeps her self very active in their life. Where the girls think Mama Dee needs to teach her son to respect women and stop supporting his lifestyle.

Lil Scrappy had a Asthma attack and had to be hospitalized with Mama Dee rushing to her baby boy’s attention.

Since Mamma Dee was already rooting for Shay “Buckey” Johnson (here’s her sextape) this was just the ammo she needed to persuade her son to leave Erica for good. Mama Dee even stated that Erica is heartless towards Scrappy, and leaning towards her new work ventures more than her baby. Now, Ms Dee is saying he has some decisions to make when it comes down to his relationship with Erica. Check out Mama dee confronting Erica about leaving Scrappy for dead! Check out the clip below:

Oh wow!

He has no idea where that mouth’s been….smh…..Now, check out Scrappy talking to new boo Shay Buckeey (Who’s sex-tape resurfaced a week ago) about his asthma attack and his relationship with baby mama Erica below:

On the otherside of town, a crazy meeting with Stevie J, Karlie Redd, and Joseline was going down.

Joseline happens to find out that Stevie J is working with Karlie, and is annoyed that she was not informed about it beforehand. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel for Ms. Redd when Stevie’s homeboi Benzino holla at her and like what she said “instant connection” happened between them. She might be 40, but the girl got game and body! Check out the meeting below:

When Boss Chick Rasheeda shows up late to meet Kirk for clothes shopping, the two get into a heated discussion once again about Rasheeda’s choices as an artist. Maybe that’s the reason why Rasheeda is dropping Kirk and signing to a label. Check out the duo going at each other (Miss Late Ain’t Fast Enough)below:

Well this week’s episode ended with Karlie Redd having a sit down Mimi and K. Michelle with little did she know, she was walking into a war zone.

Mimi called out Karlie to figure out whether she’s a trouble maker or just looking out for her best interest, with K. really wanted to check her. It whole thing started off as K. threatens to take Karlie’s head off, and dismissing her depleted as$ cheeks and how they’re shaped to her being a 40 year old rapper, whose slept with every member of Cash Money. Check out the argument between K.Michelle and Karlie has it becomes violent once Karlie shakes the table and then K.Michelle hits Karlie with a table cloth. (Don’t Shake Unless You’re Ready to Get Shook):

Be sure to tune into next weeks episode, that’s filled with more drama from Karlie & K., along with another sit down from Joseline & Mimi, and Benzino & Karlie heat things up in the bed room. And Rasheeda might be firing her Hubby/manager of 17 years. Check out this song called “I Was Looking For You”

“Love & Hip Hop” airs Monday’s at 8p.m. 



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