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Robin Thicke Accused Of Flirting With Playboy Model, Plus Raz B Slams “Alleged Rumors” About Having An AFFAIR With A Married Man!

Who saw this coming?……Former Playboy model, Amy Varela  is claiming that Robin Thicke tried to make a move on her after a flirting session.

The ‘Love After War’ crooner is currently married to actress Paula Patton with whom he has two-year-old son Julian Fuego. More details below……………

However, the Playboy model claims Robin’s eyes were on her at a charity event hosted by Mario Lopez on June 29.

“I approached him, and introduced myself as Amy, and wanted to know what all the buzz was about. He told me he was as singer and that his name was Robin Thicke,” Amy told Celebrityviplounge.

“I then told him that I had heard of him, and I gave him props for working hard in the industry. He asked me what I did, and I told him that I owned an agency and that I was a former model for Playboy.”

Apparently, Robin told the model she was “the most beautiful girl he had seen in a while” and that he was “very relaxed and flirty.”

“He proceeded to tell me how sexy I was, and that he didn’t want to leave Jacksonville. We danced and had an enjoyable time drinking, partying, etc, of course because it was harmless to me at the time. He asked my partner to take a photo with me, so we did,” she added.

Amy went on to claim that she didn’t realize Robin was married until the following day when a close friend told her. Do you think that Robin would really cheat on Paula?

In other news,

According to many speculations, that Raz B has been sleeping with a married man, now he has denied that the affair even happened.

The former B2K star, who is recovering from a tragic accident which saw him damage his hand after falling through a glass door, and almost took his life in china, has been accused of sleeping with a man who is married to a woman. quotes a source describing the controversial singer as 

“a gay man who kisses a woman in public but sweats in between the sheets with another man behind closed doors.”

The insider then added

“Raz B even bought Michael a Mexico jacket for when he was making his single Mexico. Michael and him took a vacation there.”

Well, Raz B didn’t appreciate the accusations and has blasted the reports on Twitter.

“every one of you! that does that! we all know you don’t love jesus cause you wouldnt do that! you love the world!”

“So ni**as dropping my name to make money! i pray it back fires like it does evert time! its cool I won’t get mad cause thats what you want.”

Hold, I thought Raz B was outing everyone in his book to make money also?? And he’s always the center of scandals these days, maybe it will be a good source of publicity for his upcoming book, (and i repeat) which OUTS every undercover gay artists!


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