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Roc Nation Boss Jay-Z’s New “D’ussé Cognac” Print Ad!

In the Latest GQ magazine, Roc Nation Boss Jay Z showcased his new print ad, “D’ussé.” 

D’usse (pronounced ‘dew-say’) is Bacardi’s new ultra-luxury VSOP cognac that boasts a co-sign from one Jigga.

In the ad, Jay-Z’s head, holds a lit cigar in his right hand and stares out the window. The view appears to be that of the Brooklyn Bridge, of course, while there is a bottle of D’ussé and a snifter glass on the side table to his right. The tag line reads: “A bold new expression of cognac.”

Um…. did you notice the symbol on the bottle? isn’t this the same guy who beat Foxy, and sold drugs on the children’s playground? I’m just saying??
The brown liquid hit shelves last month at a price sippers and alchies can toast to: $44.99 per 750-ml bottle. While the cognac sector is dominated by Hennessy, Remy Martin and Courvoisier, there is no doubt that the Hov-cosigned spirit has made a splash.



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