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Still Beefing:…..Rapper Havoc’s Cousin ‘Ferg Brim’ Saying Havoc Caught ‘Mobb Deep’ Rapper Prodigy, Writing “Love Letters” To Men In Prison! (Video)

We reported back in April that Mobb Deep Rapper HAVOC outted his partner PRODIGY, claiming that he was gay and messed around with a lot of men while he was in prison!

Now, Havoc’s cousin Ferg Brim is also an original member of “Mobb Deep.” During a recent interview, Ferg admits to his cousin Havoc catching Prodigy writing love letters to men in prison, and he explains that’s why the group break up and how prodigy informed on him to the hiphop police, after their  altercation.

Havoc who went on a angry twitter rant in April, accusing his long time partner in rap of being “gay for stay.”is stilling sticking to his claims against his ex partner in crime. Check out the video below:

However, Prodigy has denied the allegations against him including Havoc himself (change of heart), but most people aren’t really buying it. Check out The Breakfast Club interviewing Havoc here


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