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The former NFL player Terrell Owens might be facing some jail time after missing an important court date, along with late child support payments. Plus Toya Wright’s publisher Farrah Gray is suing the ex-wife of Lil Wayne for $1 Million for not promoting her book, breach of contract and more. Check out the details below………………..

“T.O.” missed his child support hearing at the Fulton County Courtroom on Thursday in Atlanta and now Judge John Goger is pissed. By the way, Melanie Smith, the mother of his 7-year-old daughter, says he’s $20,000 behind on child support…..so she’s pissed too.

“It’s a tragedy, not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year,” said Melanie’s attorney Randy Kessler.

T.O.’s case was reset for July 19 and he could face jail time if he misses that one.

“We are hoping next week the case will come to a resolution and Mr. Owens will pay and pay every month,” said Randy.

When you decide to have umpteen kids, you gotta be OK with paying umpteen stacks of cash for them too.

Farrah Gray, who manages “Farrah Gray Publishing” is suing reality star Antonia “Toya” Wright for failing to promote her book Priceless Inspirations, which he published. 

According to reports, Gray plans to file in the U.S. Federal Court in the Northern District of Georgia with claims that Toya has engaged in “…direct, contributory and vicarious inducement of copyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of contract.” And is asking for $1 million plus court costs and attorney fees. 
He claims Toya sold her own copies behind his back and failed to promote and market the book.

Toya disputes these claims as her rep released a statement saying, 

“Mrs. Wright consistently went above and beyond her contractual obligations which included: Self- funding a college tour promoting Priceless Inspirations, Cross promotion of her Ampro endorsement by placing the book cover on Ampro products nationwide and allowing Farrah Gray Publishing the platform to promote her book on her highly successful reality show on Black Entertainment Television.”


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  1. Farrah Gray is a fraud and I don't know why people mess with him. His so-called success story is bs. Shanae Hall, Ky-Mani Marley, and others have sued this dude over shady business. Don Lemon will be next.

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