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Angela Simmons COVERS Fearless Magazine! (Photos)

Fashion icon Angela Simmons brings her sexiness to the latest issue of Fearless magazine. 

The stunning Entrepreneur really turned her sexiness up for the cover of fearless mag, and talks about being in the spotlight, criticized about her weight & More! More details below…………

Inside the mag, Angela talks about being in the spotlight and the comments she receives about her weight.

“I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles! For me, when I first came onto the scene I dealt with criticism about my weight and how I looked, but I’ve overcome that,” Angela said.

“I’ve learned that everyone has an opinion when you’re in the spotlight, but what matters most is how YOU feel about yourself. I’ve gotten over being criticised, and learned [it’s] just not important. There are other things to focus your energy on.”

“It’s important to keep your biggest cheerleaders closest to you and I will say my friends and family are always apart of my life because they help in shaping me as an individual,” she explained.

“Without them, I don’t know where I would be. Through both the good and the hard times they are always there to lean on with the best advice. With [their] help I can say it has been an amazing journey.”

Angela has certainly come into her own!

Simmons showed off her toned abs in a leather gold-studded crop top with matching booty shorts and a leather jacket with the American flag designed on it.

The reality star is definitely doing her despite the negate backlash she’s received from critics.


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