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Another Lawsuit: Chris Brown & Drake SUED By French Male Model Over Club Brawl! (Photos)

In a new lawsuit, a French model’s career is reportedly ruined because of injuries he suffered during the club brawl between Chris Brown and Drake at W.I.P nightclub in New York City. More details below……..

30 year-old, Romain Julien, claims that he was sitting at a table near Breezy and Drizzy when the rapper’s crew members got into an altercation inside club W.i.P./Greenhouse on June 14. 

During the fight, Julian was hit with a broken glass, severing a tendon in his right hand, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Civil Supreme Court.

“He was an innocent bystander, and when the war started, he was a victim,” Julien’s lawyer, David J. Jaroslawicz, said.

Julien, who has modeled for Levi’s jeans and has a pad in the East Village, needed surgery to repair his damaged tendon and has been left with limited use of his right arm, the lawsuit says.

“He has a cast on. It’s a little hard to model,” Jaroslawicz said.

Julien is suing Brown and Drake for his injuries and blames Brown’s hot temper for sparking the fracas.

The owners of W.i.P./Greenhouse are also named in the lawsuit. The model accuses the club owners of knowing about the bad blood between the musicians and trying to profit from the beef by seating their entourages near one another. The club is also accused of lax security and of fueling the feud by providing the alcohol to the drunken posses.

The lawsuit does not specify how much money Julien seeks in damages.

Representatives for Brown and Drake did not return calls for comment.

“We will fully evaluate the claim once we receive formal notice and the particulars of the claim and will respond appropriately,” a spokeswoman for the club said in an email.

Many reports are stating that Rihanna was the main reason for Breezy and Drake’s romantic rivalry that led to the early morning rampage. Which left the “Fortune” singer with a bloody chin.

Police are still investigating the incident.


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