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Azealia Banks DISSES Jim Jones On “Succubi” Track! (New Music)

Just when you though Azealia Banks was really being honest about regretting her recent and past beefs with other artist on Twitter during her vibe interview in the past weeks.

Well Banks just dropped a diss track and her once again Target is rapper Jim Jones. Check out “Succubi” below…………

On the AraabMuzik-produced track, which Azealia released yesterday, the “Liquorice” rapper goes in on the other Harlemite about his former hair being braided with gel and his “queer” behavior:

“Designer clothes, attention his stares. You’re a man though, why would you care (BOY). You’re not a fan though, cool off my air. My man hoe cum Jones on his dildo, why the pull on your hair? Yeah, look at this queer. His booty prepared, your oozie is where?

Liar, liar, never fucking fire, fire. Here’s a reminder hymen. True life, stole all your chains? (Yes). Max B, rode all your flames? (Yes). Montana, rode on your wave? (Bet) Kill a chord you a lame.

It takes a Harlem bitch, to execute a Harlem bitch. You pop shit, I pop shit no problem bitch.”

Check out the track below:

and her second teaser down below:

There’s only two teaser’s left until her big premiere on Tuesday. We’re guessing that a third teaser will be released later today and one tomorrow.


Azealia Banks’ upcoming Dazed & Confused cover is banned in seven countries. Read more here


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  1. Anonymous

    August 12, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    She is Sooo Irrelevant!! To Me!! I'm like who da fuck is this Fugly chick?! ( Fucked up & Ugly) Well I guess I'll give here Props for tryn! But 1 hit wonder she'll be!! If that!! Cause where's da Hit?! Now sit down. BITCH!!!

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