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Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon Calls Off Their Wedding, Plus, It’s Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz ANNIVERSARY, Tweets About Their Love & Amazing Gifts!

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina and her adopted brother Nick Gordon have called off their engagement!
According to reports, the Nick and Bobbi “mutually” decided that it’s not the right time for them to get married! You think? However, The couple are still dating, living together, and very much in love. More details below…………

Kristina, hoped on twitter to declare her overflowing love for Nick, while posting a a few pics of and the two holding hands, Plus, check out that HUGE diamond she got on her finger!

“My darling @nickgordon &atcarwash:)”classic moments could come up anytime,YOU just gotta be clear minded enough 2see”:)”

“Your genuine L O V E is what keeps me going. (:”

In other news:

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz are celebrating two years of marriage. The twosome have been tweeting about their celebration of love and happiness…including thousands of dollars worth of gifts.

Two years ago today, Swizz & pregnant Alicia exchanged vows in front of family and friends in Corsica. And two years later, the twosome are still head over heels in love with each other.

Alicia tweeted the above pic outside the Apollo theater in Harlem saying:

At midnight we brought in our anniversary under the lights that inspired us both!… #justliketeenagelove #dreams4life #purelove ;-)!!!

This is what Swizz had to say about his expensive gift:

“Woke up to a room full of Anniversary gifts:) her taste is impeccable! 2yrs now 1000 more to go:)”

Happy couple also had a romantic dinner in Central Park, NYC.

Where the music producer captioned, “Goddess!!!!!!!!!”


There’s a New Miss Teen USA 2012 LOGAN WEST: who told the world that she Was BULLIED For “Not Acting Her Skin Color” (Being White)

She’s the first Miss TEEN USA from Connecticut, and is already making some waves!

“I’m starting to believe now that I would rather have a bruise than have someone tear a piece out of me with their words,”Logan West told the Hartford Curant. She was just crowned 2012 Miss Teen USA on Saturday.

Though she has been praised publicly for her beauty and poise (in addition to being very well spoken we might add), Logan recently came forward with the pain she experienced being tormented by classmates growing up. And she’s made it one of her causes as the new Miss Teen USA.

Logan, the offspring of a black mother and a white father (both of whom were at the pageant in the Bahamas on Saturday to see her get crowned), says she was often teased for the way walked and talked. And for “acting white.” But the college-bound 18-year-old chose to turn to look away in the 7th grade and she says it was a huge mistake. 

MSNBC said about the physical bullying:

As a middle-schooler and high school freshman, West said she was bullied for “not acting her skin color.” She was punched, kicked and stabbed with umbrellas by a group of bullies until it escalated into a fight where she was suspended from school. During her suspension, she came up with her own anti-bullying program that she began promoting around the state after winning the Connecticut Outstanding Teen Pageant in 2010.

“I waited so long to say something that it was almost my fault,” she said.

She also recalled throwing a wad of rice:

“Instantly, I knew it was wrong. And my bully got up and punched me right in the face in front of everybody.” Both of them got suspended for two days. “I loved school with all my heart. I wanted to be up every morning. I was ready to go. I did my homework. But when I was being bullied, I found every excuse not to go to school.”

As a result, Ms. West has created a program called “Bully Proof: Empowering Children Today to Prevent Bullying Tomorrow.”

As for what she’d say if she could speak to her bully today:

“I’d say thank you. Because if it weren’t for her I would not have the confidence or the strength that I have right now. I gained this whole new sense of strength that I can teach youths how to protect themselves from this horrible epidemic called bullying.”

The 5’7 beauty said in a statement to MSNBC:

“Being Miss Teen USA will give me the opportunity to educate students about bullying on a national level and share my story. It wasn’t always easy, but my parents made sure that I learned how to cope with it and ensure that I didn’t stay introverted.”

“I lost who Logan was when I was being bullied, but I found that participating in pageants helped me find ‘her’ again as well as gain the confidence to be a role model and voice for others. During my reign, I hope to share with teens the importance of being true to yourself.’’

Check some more pics below:

 Also, check out her pageant interview below:
You deserve it Logan! Congrats!


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