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Last night, rapper Bow Wow’s Twitter account was hacked by a 19year -old Indiana native / fan trying to promote his own mixtape, while exposing the rapper’s private messages.

The maybe former Cash Money rapper account was hacked and the culprit has refused to hand it back until he reaches a certain amount of downloads of his mixtape.

“Nigga i got Bow twitter on smash follow me… Im the haaacker this nigga got BI***ES in his DM’s. Bow u want pg back i want 10k,” Bow Wow wrote.

“Nigga we on I got all bow wow bitches. If ya boy want his page bk tellem I need 10k asap.”

Also, the hacker hinted that Bow is hooking up with a variety of female celebrities:

 “Yoooo dis ni**a got every bad b***h in da game hittn em. S**t not fair son! At all. Readn his dms.”

The unidentified culprit also revealed that Bow Wow was receiving messages from Universal record label, which comes just a week after the 25-year-old complained he wasn’t receiving any promotion from YMCMB.

The hacker also reached out to Charlamagne saying,

@cthagod can you hear me out. I’m bowwow biggest fan can u please post my my mixtape link so your followers can hear me? I’m fron indiana 19″
As it appears, Bow Wow is unaware his account has been hacked.

Um, I’m changing my Twitter password right now!!!

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  1. My favorite part is that the “hacker” claimed that he was looking at all of these DMs in Bow Wow’s message box from hot women. 1) If you’re a “hacker” you’re posting those without question, especially if everyone is calling you out for being a PR stunt by Bow Wow. 2) The Echofon thing gave it away from the first Tweet.

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