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A woman who had allegedly been sleeping with Chad Johnson, is speaking out in light of his attack on Evelyn Lozada.

30-year-old Beverly Shiner claims that she had an affair with Chad until May this year, and is the reason he is said to have head-butted Evelyn this weekend after they got into an argument when she found a receipt for condoms. More details below……………..

Apparently, Beverly used to stalk Evelyn on Twitter to see when she would be in and out of town so she could contact Chad for a hook-up.
Beverly told Radar Online,

“We would get together when he was in back up in Boston,”

“She eventually blocked me after she read a reply I tweeted to (Basketball Wives co-star) Kenya Bell after they had had fight over kitten heels, I said Evelyn was trashy and I couldn’t believe ‘he was marrying that.'”

However, Chad and Beverly’s alleged romance came to a head in May when he stopped replying to her text messages and phone calls following a steamy night of passion.

“He had asked me to come over so I drove there and knocked on his door and he didn’t answer even though I could hear his X Box playing. Then I texted him the next day and he didn’t apologize.”

Beverly claims that Chad even suggested having children with her which they would move in together.

“It wasn’t just a one night thing, he always said he wanted to move in with me, and said if he had I’d be pregnant by then. He kept asking if I wanted to have more kids.”

“Once, when I was at his house, I asked what would happen if Evelyn walked in right now, and he said she wouldn’t care.”

“He said, ‘I’m not doing anything different than what every other man is doing,’ he thinks it is fine to cheat. I feel he was completely disrespectful and he led me on,” she said.

Chad was arrested on Saturday for the alleged head-butting and was bailed on a $2,500 bond the next day.

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