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Exclusive: Eva Marcille TALKS New Reality Show, Her Love Life, Reality Tv Impacts On African Americans, Top Model & More!

America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille and her bestie Denyce Lawton recently chatted with various media personalities about their new reality series “Girlfriend Confidential: LA” which airs next week on Oxygen. And we’ve got the exclusive interview.

The show also star Eva’s close girl-friend’s Nikki Chu & Kelly Dunn. Where Eva talked about what interested her the most about the spin off show, what’s off limits to camera’s, her current dating status and she even touched on America’s Top Model’s new sexy judge.

Denyce also talked about being an open book to the public and that’s what viewers of the show will be seeing. Being a drought in the dating scene and more!
Here’s the full highlights below:

On what intrigued Eva to be a part of the show and made her, in fact, become the producer?

“Well, what interest me about this show – when developing the show, Denyce Lawton, which is one of my best friends, is someone that I talk to about the show a lot. And this business of Hollywood really isn’t easy and I think a lot of times you get an idea of what you think Hollywood is from produced shows, but it really doesn’t tell the real life struggle of people like myself, Denyce, Kelly and Nikki. 

So we thought it absolutely amazing to show the real life struggle of working actors, actresses, interior designers, managers, in this business. And not the glamorized part but, you know, the nitty gritty, the real. And so, when these kids have aspirations to go into the business, they have a more clear view of what it is they’re getting into.”

Denyce, could you talk a little bit about if there was any parts of your life that you felt should be off limits to the cameras?

“For the most part, just me in general in life, I’m pretty much an open book. But I think that there were certain aspects of my brother’s murder trial and the intimate details of my breakup that I felt were a little too sensitive and a little too soon to discuss out in public because it’s not just me that’s affected, you know, by the breakup or by my brother’s death, you know. There’re a lot of other people who didn’t volunteer to be a part of reality that still wanted to be protected.”

Eva, everyone wants to know how things are going with your love life. Are there any updates or other things that you could let us know, like, from the season?

“Well, what I can let you know is that since my breakup with my ex-fiancé, I know the world is wondering what happened there and who I’m dating, so you get a little bit of an inside look about who I’m dating and where my love life and how sensitive it is. I know Denyce could definitely attest to the fact that having a relationship in the public eye is not easy. And so I’m kind of trying to protect that to a certain degree, but still live my life. So the struggle of dating in the business is definitely on the show.”

Plus, you’ve talked about some very high profile relationships, like Flo-rida being engaged to Lance Gross. What was it like to have those cameras around?

“Well, I wanted this show as well as every single producer and participant, cast member, start, they wanted – we want the show to be as authentic as possible and as real as possible. So, though you have those times where you want to leave things off limit, kind of leaving things unsaid leaves a blank, you know, and you kind of are wondering what’s going on. So, where I would want to leave things – certain things unsaid in my relationship. We kind of touched on a little bit of everything just so you can get a real taste of our lives.”

Denyce, I know when we’re watching the show we’re seeing you pursuing your acting career and talking about your love life. Is the drought over?

“It’s definitely still a Drought”

What about everything that you’re pursuing Denyce?

“the dating, I mean, one, you definitely have to stay tuned and see the journey on the show. So I don’t want to give away whether or not that drought is completely over or not. But it is a constant, you know, (unintelligible) in this business, you know what I mean. That’s a funny question.”

Eva chipped in and added: 
“I can say that Denyce has a drought but it’s by choice, not by force. I mean……….she could definitely be some amazing man’s woman; it’s a choice not to be an amazing man’s woman right now in her life. But it’s not a forced drought at all.”

Eva…Tyra Banks kicks off a new season of America’s Next Top Model. What is your – for Eva, like, what is your relationship now with Tyra and what advice do you give to the new contestants?

“Well, first of all, I can say to the contestants, lucky, lucky, you because that new judge is drop dead gorgeous. Oh my God, where was the man candy when I was on Top Model? They are all…

So, (unintelligible) delicious. Second of all, Tyra used to manage me. She managed me for a few years alongside Benny Medina and still have a really good relationship with anybody that I ever had on my team. And so Tyra and I are still good friends. 

She always encourages me when it comes to my business and what I do today is definitely because of Tyra, she’s one of my biggest mentors when it comes to being a businesswoman and putting your business hat on first, then your model lipstick. So I look up to her on a whole nother level.”
Are you currently doing any movie ventures right now?

“…coincidentally, I actually wrapped a film not too long ago and it’s coming out now with Christian Keyes, the one she starred with her last two films. I did a film with him called, Note to Self and that should be coming out within the next month. And then I also just shot a vignette with Melinda Williams, who is absolutely amazing. And then I was able to work with a young lady named Angell Conwell who works on The Young & the Restless as a family member of mine who I never met. So, I was finally able to work with her on a project after having been related to her on television for a couple of years, so that was really cool. I just shot that last week. And yes, It’s called ‘Play By The Rules‘. And then I have a show called, The Helpers, that’s coming to theaters…”

Final question: 

We’ve seen a lot of reality shows where African American women, women of color have not necessarily portrayed in the best light. How do you feel that your new series will kind of help correct the impression that people are getting of our talent that appears?

Denyce: Yes. Well, I personally feel like there’s a huge contrast and a huge difference. Well, number one is a lot of – I would say maybe 90% some of those shows, those are forced friendships where these women don’t know each other so the stakes, you know, they are high because they don’t know each other and they don’t have to know each other, they don’t have to care.

So, when they get into these altercations, they can walk away from them or they can throw a bottle or they could throw a drink or a punch and it doesn’t matter to them because they don’t have anything to lose. Opposed to us, where we are friends in real life, we all have our individual relationships but we all collectively have one as well. So, we have that thing that we don’t want to lose, we don’t want to jeopardize. So when we handle conflict, which we all do, we all have different type of conflicts..”

Eva: For sure

Denyce: .but – yes, when we deal with our conflicts or our disagreements or our issues in life, we handle them like adults, the way mature, adults should and how women should, no matter how angry you are or how upset or how emotional we can all be. There’s no drink throwing, there’s no fist punching, there; — you know, there’s none of that. So, that’s a big difference that they’ll see. They’ll see – well, I feel we’ll be able to be those role models to these young women that shows them you don’t have to be ratchet in every situation. You can actually have a conversation with your friend and you can, you know, handle disputes very differently.”

Eva: “And then also, besides from just our friendship, I think going along the lines with our stakes being higher. Denyce is not just my girlfriend, but she is a well-known name in this business of entertainment, and… …so when it comes to our careers and who we are as entertainers and our entities and as women of color in this business. I think who we represent is much larger than just ourselves and we definitely take that responsibility when we go out into the world and make sure that we represent us, women of business, women of integrity with integrity. And I think that’s definitely the difference because we all have brands to protect and careers and businesses. I mean, Denyce is not only an actress, but she’s a photographer, you know, she does headshots for some of the most famous people in the business. And so, she can’t jeopardize her reputation, you know, because she has a business to.”

Be sure to check out the sneak peek of Eva & Friends reality show along with more pics here
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