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Former Miami Dophin’s Baller Chad “Ochocinco” Is Now FACING Foreclosure!

It’s funny how you can be rich today and poor tomorrow. 

This week, Chad Johnson was arrested on Domestic Abuse against his soon-to-be ex-wife of 40 days Evelyn Lozada, who filed for a divorce a day after the incident, then two days later Chad was called in by his boss and fired on spot. (Check out the video here) to perhaps cheating on Ev with another girl. More details below…………..
Now, Chad is about to lose his condo in Miami; according to Gossip Extra Chad hasn’t paid his $863 a month maintenance fee on his condo since 2009 and was just notified if he doesn’t pay his $31,000 balance, then the apartment is headed for foreclosure.
Also, according to rhymeswithsnitch, Ocho make’s a living by accepting a $150,000 loan from two private investors in Palm Beach and had to use a $350,000 house he bought for one of his baby mamas as collateral!
Maybe, Chad was right when he said he was with Ev just for the money on last season’s episode. SMH!


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