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R&B singer Ginuwine’s daughter, Tiffnicole is putting her dad on BLAST, accusing him of being a “deadbeat dad” on Twitter.

Tiff launched an attack on her father in a series of tweets, calling him a “loser” for not being a better father to her. More details below……………..

The singer’s daughter couldn’t hold it in much longer, vented:

“Some wish they had a father But sometimes ur better off cuz I wish I never met mine! #lookalikenothingalike.”

Before posting a tweet praising her mother for filling both the role of her mother and father:

“Super special s/o to MY MOM&MY FATHER she the greatest she took care us wh @ pounding on @ginuwine2012 head.”

She also uploaded an exchange of tweets between herself and, seemingly, her famous father in which the singer hit back:

“Your such a disrespectful and ungrateful b**ch. Don’t you ever call me for s**t ever.”

The soulful crooner has eight children all together. Dam!

source: Twitter

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