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GROUPIE VILLA: Baller James Harden Throws A Celebration Party With Tons Of Groupie’s After Splitting From Trina! (Photos)

Oklahoma City Thunder baller James Harden hosted an all “white party” aboard a luxury yacht over the weekend, that was over top and filled with tons of groupie’s dying for his attention. More details below…………

In the photos, Harden can been seen cuddling up to one beautiful partygoer, while in another the baller looked wasted with a bottle of bubbly in his hand and surrounded by a group of women.

The NBA star’s wild party is speculated to be the reason for him and his rumored girlfriend Trina to go their separate ways , along with a pic that surfaced of him all hugged up with stripper Avi Alvarado.

Trina was spotted over the same weekend sporting a baseball cap that says “No Love”, and another saying “Filthy” which seemed to be a message aimed at Harden.

The party included other NBA ballers such as Harden’s Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and Eric Maynor along with John Wall, Austin Daye and New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith.

I guess it’s true what they say, “CLOSED LEGS DON’T GET FED” in the true definition of a GROUPIE!


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