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It’s Not OVER!.. Tamar Braxton Wants “Love & Hip Hop” K.Michelle To Pay Up For Calling Her A Wig Wearing Muppet! star Tamar Braxton recently expressed her views on Twitter regarding “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” K. Michelle and the abuse she has endured by the hands of ex boyfriend, Memphitz Wright

During a interview with TT Torez, Tamar was soo not prepared for what was to come when listening to the interview that K. Michelle did with the radio hostess. And soon after, the reality star then decided to sick her lawyers on K. and they in turn issued out a cease and desist letter. Dam, you gotta love those cease and desist letters! I get them every every now and then! More details below……..

Anywho, K. Michelle had something to say about that cease and desist letter.

However, Memphitz wife/Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright who’s friends with Tamar, has publicly stated that K. Michelle’s allegations are false and have called her out on several occasions on Twitter.

Now, Tamar is no stranger to drama has thrown her hat or wig in the ring calling K- Mitchell a liar as well.

According to, Tamar tweeted, 

“#enough! @kmichelle tell all your fans the TRUTH about why u call my friends & @MonaScottYoung 4 me to get on the phone & say u r sorry!” Mona Scott Young, referred to in the tweet, is an entertainment mogul and the executive producer of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Tamar added, 

“I’ve never said anything to or about you and just like I know YOU know! So if u r not going to be HONEST I’ll do it for you!” 

Tamar’s tweets didn’t stay up for too long as her hubby Vincent Herbert urged her to take them down. That’s not to suggest it was a retraction, though.

Although she did so, Tamar later explained, 

“Vince said I have to delete my tweets….but I do mean what I say it is what it is.”

Okay, my thing is this, Tamar how can you side with someone that you, yourself hardly knows anything about?. A man can lie to make you believe anything he wants. I believe K Mitchell and only because my mom was abuse and I know how my dad would lie about it. Sometimes argue that my mom was the bad person but the truth prevailed…..” I’m just saying.

Plus, see Tamar’s cease and desist letter here


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