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Benzino is trying to convince viewers and critics that the show is not scripted.

During last night’s finale, Benzy tried to propose to now ex-girlfriend Karlie Redd, which he then called off because Karlie was playing with his emotions. The funny thing was, Karlie didn’t seem too sad about it because her eyes were now targeting Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash.

However, in an interview with Hip-Hop Wired, Benzino admits that his proposal scene was the only part that had been set up by the show producers. He explains: 

“I met Karli off camera, she asked me for my number and we went on a date.”

“I was trying to keep it away from the Love & Hip-Hop camera’s, but then I get a call the next day from Mona (Scott, LAHH producer) saying ‘Nah, if you’re going to date one of the cast members we have to bring the camera’s out.'”

He then added: 

“The only thing that probably was re-enacted was when we met. Because when we met the camera’s weren’t there. So they had to get it as close as possible on how we met. Everything else is me and Karli.”
Check out the video below:

Um, I ain’t buying it!!! If producers are prepared to script one scene, who’s to say the rest isn’t fake? Sound Off Comments Below!!

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  1. Personally I loved it when he just showed her @$$ the ring. She's a gold digger I bet Mr. Monday could get it if he asked. She has no talent and it takes photoshop to fix that face.

  2. This is just a ghetto soap opera to me ,I know its fake and scripted that is obvious to anyone with common sense its just entertaining and funny but I don't believe nothing about that show

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