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NEW TARGET: Azealia Banks BEEFING With Rapper Jim Jones On Twitter, Says He Should Stop Being “Such A Harlem Ni**a”

What’s wrong with this girl??………..Azealia Banks seems to be targeting everyone in the music industry, and rapper Jim Jones is her latest victim.

So far, Banks has attacked Lil’ Kim, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Kreayshawn (Who she recently apologized to, and wanted to collab with her) on Twitter. More details below…………….

In her latest beef, Banks and Jim had an argument over the word VAMP.

Azealia tweeted, 

“VAMP: a very sexually/financially powerful woman who is usually characterized by a penchant for dark things; nighttime, witchcraft, .. Etc.”

Then a fan said that Jim Jones had already made a track called “Vamp Life” and Jim, who has been on a whole Vamp movement for a few years now and on “Love & Hip Hop”, responded:

“@Rahim_TheDream @AZEALIABANKS tht vamplife is contagious.”

Even though is was a harmless comment, Banks went on saying, 

“@jimjonescapo don’t be tryna take no credit Holmes.”

Which rubbed Jim the wrong way:

“Knock it off please learn more about Harlem before u start vampin lol jokes enjoy ur day keep #vampin”

She then replied, 

” UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH SHHHUTT UP!!! Who was even taking to you in the first place?!” “like seriously…. Stop being such a Harlem n***a right now.”

Then Jim said, 

“I am a Harlem n***a thts y u font belong there stay in Cali wit ur fake booooogie asss make sum $ first Lrn ur shoes n bags. Tell ur mother go away ub2 bit slore.”

But Banks may not want to keep this up, because Chrissy Lampkin don’t play like that. And, I guess this won’t be her last attack on a major artist. Maybe she’ll target Beyonce next???!



  1. Anonymous

    August 7, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I Just Know She's UGLY as FUCK!! Maybe that's why she so mad!! Yeah That's Why You Mad! *InMyNickiMinajVoice*…
    You a Stupid Hoe! ah Stupid! Stupid Hoe!!

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