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Nick Gordon Calls Bobbi Kristina His Little Sister & Says No to Marriage!

Recently, Nick Gordon confirmed to reporter’s that Bobbi Kristina is just his little sister and they will not be getting married.

According to Nick, there weren’t going to be any wedding, because he and Kristina are brother and sister. What brother and kissing you know professes their love for each other on public social networks, and kissing for the cameras??. More details below………………..

Ryhmes with Snitch reports,

“No wedding bells. Me and Krissi we just love we each other. We’re brother and sister and we just love each other and we’re close. We support each other and have each others back.”During the same confrontation Bobbi Kristina was quizzed about her father Bobby Brown’s recent stint in rehab and asked if she thought Bobby could rise above his addiction problems,

“‘Rise above’ is not the word you should use” … Bobbi snapped… “Not at all.”


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