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#RACHETNESS: Naomi Campbell Bald Patches EXPOSED After Years of Wearing Weaves! (Photos)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell who has made an huge impact on the fashion/modelling empire, was spotted holidaying on a luxury yacht in Ibiza when her balding head was exposed!

The model is clearly suffering from some sort of serious hair problem, judging by pictures. Campbell is seen climbing onto a luxury yacht where she was holidaying with boyfriend Vladislav Doronin earlier in the week. Rocking a tiny bikini that nicely shows off her incredible toned figure, she looks just as awesome at 42 as she did at 22. 
Check out the pics below:

But despite having one of the best bods in the business, it’s impossible not to notice Naomi’s hairline, which has receded almost halfway across her head.

Whatever the cause of Naomi’s hair loss, it doesn’t appear to be getting her down as she confidently struts about in full view of other beach goers.
Plus, word is that Ms. Campbell is currently working on a new reality show and looking for spring models that will make the cut to be the face of a major fashion company which includes a two or year contract with them.


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