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Rapper Meek Mill was in court today for a status hearing of his prior drug and gun charges!

According to a recent report for Fox 29, the Maybach Music Group star took to a Philadelphia court house today for a status hearing from previous charges. The trial stems from his 2008 gun and drugs charges, for which he served an 11 month sentence in prison. More details below………

Meek’s attorney Lou Savino told Fox 29,

“The Mill’s appearance in court today was a routine hearing as a part of his probation. However, the judge did warn the Philly emcee not to mention the D.A. handling his case in any of his lyrics, as he had previously done in the song “The Ride.”

I wasn’t even aware that Meek was on probation.

In other news,

DJ Peter Rosenberg speaks on the offensive response of Chris Brown (No Homo) over Frank Ocean’s coming out.

Which Chris himself has denied the allegations and tweets people are allowed to date who they want to despite their sexual preference. Too bad the controversial DJ is not buying it. 

Check out the video below:

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