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Rapper Shyne PUTS Diddy On BLAST For Not HELPING HIM To Get Back In The U.S & Spending HALF A MILLION On Cassie! (New Music)

Rapper Shyne (who’s real name Jamal Michael Barrow) was a former Bad Boy Signee, and during is time with the P. Diddy franchise, Puff and Shyne was involved in a shoot out in a night club in New York City that injured three people. 

However, the rapper was facing 10 years in prison for his involvement, while Diddy walked free, and Jennifer Lopez dumping him in the process. Now according to Shyne, Diddy betrayed him while promising to get him back into the U.S and instead he spent half-a-mil on Cassie. More details below…………
The hip-hop mogul and the rapper were supposed to be co-defendants, but he went ahead got his own lawyers, only looking out for D-I-D-D-Y. 
Diddy’s lawyers even called witnesses that would pin everything on Shyne. Only 20 at the time, the Belize-born, Flatbush raised rapper had to do his time. While incarcerated, he was in talks with a label or two (but couldn’t really sign) and throughout it, spoke to the media about his career and beef with Diddy…who was still Puffy back then:

“How do you call a witness to testify against your comrade?” wonders Shyne, who called Myers’ testimony more damaging than any witness the prosecution called. “That don’t make no sense. I’m telling you this woman is lying and you’re saying, ‘Eh, you know, well, she’s helping me.’ But I’m facing 25 years and you’re looking at probation. You don’t have to hold my hand, you don’t have to do nothing, but don’t try to hurt me. That’s intentional, when I tell you that she’s lying, when every witness that you call said that they didn’t see her where she said she was at.”

But eventually, after a name change, finishing his time, being deported and drastically changing his style, the two men squashed their beef. They even appeared front row at fashion shows together early this year during Paris Fashion Week. But the real reason for that short reunion is, Diddy was supposed to be help him get back into the United States since he was deported back to his native Belize due to his conviction. But Diddy hasn’t done that, and now Shyne’s got beef with him again.

Missinfo reports, 

“Shyne, who is now residing in Europe, owes the people who went down for him so that he could keep his freedom and his luxuries. Ironically, Shyne passed on Diddy’s effort to give him money, because all Shyne wants is for him to lobby for U.S. residency on his behalf. Allegedly, even if Diddy tried and failed, the effort would just be enough. But he hasn’t even tried. “Homeboy did me dirty, he knows that, he apologized. He’s said he’s gonna spend the rest of his life helping me get my life back…so how you don’t help your man come back to America?!”

On top of that, he says that Diddy owes the family of his former bodyguard’s family. Anthony “Wolf” Jones was Diddy’s bodyguard and friend to both men for years, but was killed in 2003. Shyne claims the mogul hasn’t done enough to help take care of Jones’s mother, and only dropped a little bit of money when Shyne asked him to:

“Don’t give me any money, I don’t need it. But take care of Ms. Jones. [Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie…If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion…”

Shyne even decided to drop a previously-recorded diss track for Diddy entitled, “You’re Welcome” so he can air a few things out. Lyrics include the following:

“This kid got millions, that’s how he talks/Should’ve took that paper, made his soul walk./Talking about he ain’t responsible for my actions/Man, if I was yapping the world, would know what happened/Them kids was about to wrap him/Shyne, they should thank him. But nooooo, they hate him.”

Check out the full song below:


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