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Recap: “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Joseline Wants To Be Over With Stevie J, Rasheeda & Kirk Still Going At It, Benzino Boosting Karlie Redds Career, K. Michelle Asking For Dating Advice & More!

On episode 7 of “Love and Hip Hop:Atlanta” we get to see more of Joseline Hernandez wanting to work, and even though she claims Stevie J’s the best of the best, the chick is asking still asking him to let her go, which he’s clearly not having it.

We also got to see Mimi Faust trying to work on her relationship with Stevie at a couples therapy, which I don’t see why they need it. And K. Michelle is just a freak! Got to love her though, too bad the chick needs dating advice from her ex, like where they do that at?? Plus Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost are still going at it, lets just hope that reality tv won’t tear their marriage part, and Karlie Redd and Benzino (PLEASE MAKE IT STOP) seriously, the guy was pictured eating another girl’s LOTUS FLOWER BOMB!?!

Let’s kick off the recap with Stevie and Joseline; Stevie wasn’t pleased to find out that Joseline had gone behind his back to work with producer Floyd Anthony. You can’t knock the girl down for wanting to work, it just wasn’t the smartest idea for her to be doing that at Stevie’s studio.

Joseline feels like Stevie wants everything she’s got to offer personally, professionally and physically. She has a split between her legs and well rounded cakes with matching pineapples to go with it, so every now and then he definitely going be wanting to taste the mixture. 

As of this taping she doesn’t seem to be interested in giving him all of that.

Rasheeda and her husband Kirk hit a very touchie subject last week when she revealed that she’s considering new management. Being that Kirk is her current manager it was a very very very uncomfortable situation, and Rasheeda wasn’t about to let it get even worse.

But in an effort to work things out and get her other half to understand where she’s coming from, Rasheeda got up early to make sure she had a sit-down with Kirk. Too bad, things got even worse when Kirk offended her when he questioned her love for him, and revealed that they had even put off having kids so she could build her career.

Karlie is using Benzino and he just too blinded by her physical appearance, and him getting old to see it. She even has a key to the house, maybe she will be driving his BMW next.

Benzino admits that he wants to speed things up because he thinks he’s found love (in a very hopeless place), but Redd wants to slow things down on the advice of her manager. A manager, who usually doesn’t have time to see or speak to his client.(Not relevant much?)

But as soon as Karlie’s rep found out she was messing with Benzino, he suggested that she break things off because it could be a career suicide. When Karlie relayed that message to Benzino, he didn’t take it so well.

I quote, ” Your manager needs to give you a hit record because, it’s not like you’re pretty hot yourself” (industry wise). Um ok. And to redeem himself, Benzino had producer Vincent Herbert (Manager for Lady Gaga, husband to Tamar Braxton) to work with Karlie, who clearly agreed to it. (H*es be winning)

K.Michelle is a FREAK!….. K’s still looking for Mr. Right, but she seems to be finding all the Mr. Wrong’s. After shacking up, no wait, MAKING OUT on national tv with a fine specimen, the next day K lost interest in the guy and needed some advice from her ex- college boyfriend. K came to the conclusion that what she wants and what she’s going after are two different things. She wants a good man, but she keeps measuring her suitors by the wrong qualities: looks, money and career. Plus be sure to check out the official video for her “Bury My Heart” track, which is clearly amateur porn here.

Stevie J may have tried to woo Mimi over by dedicating a song to her at ATL Live!, Fussing and Fight, now that’s sexy lol…. which she still wasn’t feeling his attempts to win her back. So instead of talking things out, Mimi dragged her baby daddy in for a couch session with celebrity therapist Dr. Jeff Gardere. The clinical psychologist even got Stevie to admit in so many words that he is a liar. “Yeah, I’m a liar,” Stevie said. Would pathological liar be one of them?

He also admitted that although he loves her, he’s not in love with her because she won’t let him get too close anymore. That’s just straight up BULL!

Also, Stevie and Mimi both admitted that their mom’s were never apart of their lives. And with her mother being so consumed by Scientology, she gave up her kids and died many years later.

Lil scrappy and Shay Johnson were clearly irrelevant last night, let’s just say, not worth talking about even though he want’s to get his lawyers involved in his baby mama drama with Erica Dixon, I’m wondering how he going pay for the legal fees? When he can’t pay child support.

Well next week’s episode show’s a sign of someone getting ENGAGED, Joseline joining stevie J and Mimi’s therapy session and more. 

“Love and Hip Hop” airs Monday’s at 8p.m on Vh1.


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