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Rihanna SPEAKS ON Nivea Deal Saying: “Nivea Is DEAD to Me”

Pop star Rihanna wants nothing to do with Nivea and their possible future endorsements. The company reportedly dropped Rih for being too “RAUNCHY” sexy for their skin ads, because its a family company. More details below…………….

According to reports, the makeup company dropped Rihanna because the new CEO felt she was too raunchy for the company’s family friendly image. 
Over the weekend, Rih happened to be out in L.A. when asked if she still used Nivea products, and tmz reports that her facial expression was a hell no!.

According to sources, when a fan shouted out “We love you, seriously though” … Rihanna replied, “Even without Nivea?”

But lets be 100% honest here, it isn’t an issue of Rihanna being too sexy it’s mainly because of Rih’s nonchalant attitude and rebellious nature. 
Rihanna in recent months has said and done all that she possibly can to show that she’s not the sweet angel that we once perceived her to be. And while she has in the process shed her once good girl image she also has become a liability to sponsors and as well as a hindrance to her brand. Her twitter page has become a cause of so much controversy and she seems to not mind the negative attention being brought on because she seems to be having fun in the process.


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  1. shi zhan

    September 1, 2012 at 3:17 am

    Ray Banと言ったら、サングラスが一番有名。レイバン サングラスと言えば、ウェイファーラーが一番人気。そして、レイバン ウェイファーラーを言えば、一番最初に思い出すモデル、どれでしょう?

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