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The Saga Continues: Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Back Court For Custody Battle!

R&B singer Usher Raymond has planned to continue his court battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster just a few weeks after the passing of her 11 year-old son Kile Glover.

The duo returned to Atlanta’s Fulton County courthouse yesterday, where Usher took the stand in his quest to seek SOLE CUSTODY of their two young sons. The singer  talked about his stalker issues and his revealed his intentions of taking the boys with him during his European tour in 2013. More details below…………….

For the record Usher and Tameka currently share JOINT custody of 4-year-old Usher Raymond V and 3-year-old Naviyd. They currently have a co-parenting agreement, which Tameka pointed out in her official statement last week.

Tameka’s attorney (On the left) referenced Usher’s worldwide work schedule, which would surely interrupt the singer’s parenting time.

The boys would most likely be with a Nanny throughout their time spent with their father, however Usher seems to feel they would be way better off with him than Tameka, in which she’s following their court-ordered agreement.

Usher is attempting to prove that he can provide a more stable environment and safe environment for the two boys, while Tameka is merely trying to maintain joint custody.

As expected, Tameka’s attorneys brought up Usher’s crazy stalker, Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, and made him explain just how she managed to get so close to their kids.

Rakestraw, is what you call the ultimate stalker after she made it all the way into Usher’s John’s Creek home and even took pictures while inside.

Usher explained how it was his grandmother who let Darshelle in, assuming that she may have had an appointment.

His on-site bodyguard escorted her out to the front yard (the first time) and authorities were notified. Darshelle was later arrested after she returned to his residence. Check out the video below:

Also, in today’s trial Tameka took the stand to discussed her side of the case with her ex-husband Usher. 

Usher and Tameka, who officially got divorced in 2009, will be fighting over custody of their two young sons, back-to-back this week with Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane overseeing the case. Check out the pics below:

I’m here wondering what she had to say to him, and I hope it’s something to make him feel real horrible as she looks at him!


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