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SHOTS: Slim The Mobster PUTS ’50 Cent’ ON BLAST For Being A Gay FBI Informant!

This is not the first time G-Unit CEO 50 cent is put on blast for being on the Down-Low.

Well, Dr. Dre’s collaborator Slim The Mobster took to his Twitter account earlier today and vented in a series of tweets putting 50 Cent on blast, accusing Fiddy of being gay and working with the feds. More details below………..

The West Coast rapper said, “If I said anything untrue today hold me accountable,” along with noting that today is the day he is standing up for what he believes in. Check out what he had to say below:

“@drdre said not to build my career off beef but f*ck __________ he’s a bitch ass nigga and got the Feds watching hip hop…”

“Today I might get dropped cuz I can no longer let these homo ass straight niggaz get away with this sucker a-s sh*t…….”

“This niggaz so much a b-tch he called interscope and told them stop promoting my music ….per some nigga name Barry”

“But guess what nigga me and @SHAMONEYXL did that ourselves but you copy my style you ain’t fresh”

“F-ck it I’m going in ….. How all of sudden your best friend floyd when @TonyYayomama house got Swiss cheesed behind the ggggunit..@50cent”

“R.I.P lodee Mack died over a b-tch ass nigga who said better him then me …..@TonyYayo”

“Wait my videos was so dope that you hired the same director …cuz ya visuals on big 10 …..S*CK”

“This nigga uses niggaz @RealSpiderLoc @the game and try to make our coast look fucked up …..”

“You ain’t gotta holler at Dre nigga jump the gun ….. I promise a funeral….. Play with me …I’m a talk like the Feds ain’t listening”

“O yea …. He’s gay too…..”

“When I get out of jail I wanna see my bitch 1st……not no niggaz….. These niggaz is uni-sex…”

“I can’t keep letting B-TCH A-S NIGGAZ get away with this sh*t…..Jimmy iovine told me he would call the Feds on me….. But I expect that”

“You are what we call a hard target …..but the lil lady that works for u …..#softtarget…. And I been practicing …lol”

“First I want my toes lick then I want my ass licked……that sound like a fucking faggot not gay…. @50cent”

“Jimmy rosemond supreme mc griff irv Gotti all real niggaz all got fed charges all had beef with ….. Well we know”

“How could I forget @bangumsmurf he got deported ….. #feddicent”

How this time the rumors could be true? Oh well, what’s your take on this?

source: Twitter



  1. Exmarketeer

    August 14, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Why can't people who play together stay together. That's why the African American community can not get ahead. They always be shutting each other down instead of lifting each other up. 🙁

  2. Who is that dude?

    August 14, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    He sounds like a straight idiot. I know i don't listen to much rap, but i NEVER heard of this dude. They trip me out want to start twitter beef with a heavy weight just so they can get noticed. LAME

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