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Swizz Beatz BLASTS Instagram Fan Over Alicia Keys!

Music producer Swizz Beatz blasted a fan on Instagram for criticising his wife Alicia Keys‘ new sexy image.

The proud husband came to his wife’s defense, when a follower questioned why the ‘New Day’ singer is no longer the girl next door and doing a lot of racy photoshoots. 

“She looks transformed why is it in every Rap/R&B artist career they change drastically,” the fan wrote.

“They go from Beyonce 2 Sasha Fierce, Eminen 2 Slim Shady and so on and so forth All I’m saying this ain’t the A Keys I remember – The illumaniti is deff at work here!! Smh.”

To which the music producer hit back: “I see you need to stop sipping out that cup it getting to ya head.”

“Ya Insta pics look like yo a** out a horror movie! Lmao shut yo a** up mr sizzzurppppp.”

What’s your take on Alicia Keys’ new image?


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