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G.O.O.D. Music’s first lady Teyana Taylor was starting a Twitter beef with Rihanna, while insinuating that Rih stole her style!

What set off Teyana, was a pic Rih posted via instagram showing her wearing a open baseball jersey, exposed bra, and dark shades, holding a drink, with the caption “Me Being Me”. Well, Teyana, is well-known for doing the some type of style, were she quickly retweeted the picture sans any additional commentary.

Although Teyana didn’t make any snide remarks, the implied message was “Really b!t$#?! How are you being YOU when you’re dressed like ME??”.

Apparently Rihanna’s Navy (fans) saw the subliminal tweet that Teyana sent to their fav star, and lets just say all went in on her. 

However, Rihanna was not in the mood for a Twitter war, as she only had this to say:
But Teyana kept it going, until she was satisfied:
Well it looked like Tey was probably just looking for some attention! Awww.

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  1. Teyanna Taylor– please have SEVERAL SEATS in the BACK OF THE ROOM! How many chicks have rocked 'your' style—COUNTLESS!! REALLY??? lol… guess she just wanted an additional 15 minutes in the limelight— LOL

  2. Funny, i didn't know who the hell she was until she was on the TP movie….apparently she isn't working or doing shit since she had so much time to twitter fight with Rihanna's followers, lol

  3. Leave teyana alone, she's coming up she wants to be known, with that style even though it's been rocked by aaliyah rip and tlc (rip lisa) rihanna is just being a fame whore! Let the young sister teyana have her 40 mintues of fame!

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