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The “Game” Star Hosea Chanchez Covers For DENIM MAGAZINE’s Fall 2012 Issue, Plus Pooch Hall RETURNS To BET’s The Game For Season Six!

BET’s “The Game” star Hosea Chanchez is on the fall issue of DENIM Magazine 2012, who was photographed by Will Sterling and styled by J.Bolin, while his co-star Pooch Hall has announced that he will be returning for a next season as Derwin Davis! More details below……

In the magazine, Chanchez talks about his long distance relationship and how he makes it work. Along with on screen character “Malik Wright”:


On “Malik Wright’s” being different from him?

I am totally different from my character, Malik. The only similarities we have are being raised in a single-parent home. I’m a nice guy.

On dating anyone?

Yes, but I’m not telling! (laughs) It’s her life too. I will tell you that we’ve been together off and on for about…well I’ll just say it’s been a while. (laughs)

She lives in New York and is in the fashion industry- that’s all I’m saying! (laughs) I’m in a long distance relationship.

On his long distance relationship?

It’s HARD! She use to live here [L.A.], but now she’s in New York working. You know it’s crazy when people meet up and life takes you in a different direction and you see that person a little differently than you did before. There’s an appreciation…now and then again…Having that distance can possibly be too comforting to me, but I don’t want to think about it in that way. We’re just in a good space right now and luckily I can afford to travel and so can she.

Good for you Chanchez!

Plus, Pooch Hall just officially signed on for Season 6 of “The Game.”

A few months ago, many fans were shocked to learn that both Tia Mowry (Melanie Barnett) & Pooch Hall (Derwin Davis) of “The Game” were leaving their characters behind for new job ventures. And eventhough Tia’s definitely not returning, pooch is.

The actor was working out a way for him to star on both his Showtime series “Ray Donovan” he had just signed on to as well as “The Game,” at the same time.

However, Pooch worked out a deal with BET to do both shows. Which means Derwin is back in full speed. The actor tweeted:

“Its official… who said Pooch wont be back on @TheGameBET I will send pics from the set to Prove it, in the fall. Love u guys…”

He then added: 

Who thinks the game “will be or won’t be” the same with out Melanie aka Tia?


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