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Rapper T.I.‘s step daughter Zonnique of the “OMG Girlz” was the victim of a disrespectful Instagram message, that promoted a violent response from her father.

Zonnique posted an innocent photo of herself on the social network, where a 16 year old boy made an inappropriate comment under the image, saying “Can we f**k,” and another follower throwing blows at his wife Tiny, which T.I. instantly made it very clear that no one will mess with anyone in his family! More details below……………..

“Ni**a u ever disrespect me & mines like that again I’m gon throw more $ at ya head than it cost to build yo mama a new house,” his rant began.

“Boy don’t f**k your sad a*s lil life up before i can get it started…u gon get yaself *F**ked* aight…in ya mouth wit ya own lil pee-pee. Now keep playin round wit it lil homie. #NoBulls**t.”
Then, a few followers started talking about how pretty Tiny USED to be, before she meesed up her face. And responded with threats:

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