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Ugh?.. Bow Wow Gets His Twitter Account Back & Is Not Phase By His Recent Hacker!

Once again, something is not right in the milk!!….. Cash Money rapper Bow Wow has finally got his Twitter account back, just a day after it was taken over by a 19 year-old indiana native looking to sell his mixtape and getting signed by a label.

The Young Money rapper signed into his account around Mid-night, fueling rumors that his account was never hacked to begin with. And it was just all a publicity stunt. More details below………………

The alleged hacker got a hold of the young rapper’s account while threatening to expose who he’s shacking up with and going to shack up, along with his 770+ personal telephone number. 

You know what’s funny, the first “hacked” tweet came from an “echofon” which Bow Wow uses. Hmmm…

And that’s not all, a pic of Bow Wow snuggled up with another man circulated on social networking site, with the offering $2500 to get the snitch. With many speculating that he’s trying to divert attention from his threats on @7_I_Am’s who originally uploaded the pic.

However, the happy twitterer made a second account (@YMCMBow) when he thought he wouldn’t get his old account back, while promoting his music video on his original account,

Yeah I know, usually most people would say something about it, to even apologize for what happened. But he didn’t even mentioned / comment about the hacker wanting 10K from him before he hands over the account.
So do you believe his account was hijacked or he was the one pretending to be someone else just to get a little publicity?



  1. Anonymous

    August 23, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    publicity, duh! isn't that y Kanye and that skeezer together? every move in Hollywood is calculated by a publicist

  2. Anonymous

    August 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    Dam these Publicists knows how to manipulate their clients. SMDH!

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