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Weird News: NY Community College Janitor FIRED After Offering Cash To A Female Student Wanting To Suck Her Toes!

I know the girls at my school would have checked him! … According to reports A college janitor (Harley Joseph) offered a high school student “as much money as she wanted” to allow him to suck her toes, which is a perverse incident that led him to get fired, a city investigator said. More details below……..

29 year old, Harley, a maintenance man at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, Queens, was sacked in February after he offered the high school girl cash to satisfy his foot fetish, according to the special commissioner of investigation.

The victim, a student at Middle College High School, which is on the LaGuardia campus, is claiming that Joseph first approached her in November 2011 and asked her for a lunch date.

The girl refused and wasn’t bothered by the stocky janitor again until February, when he cornered her on a campus patio and asked her if she had “nice feet,” investigators said.

Then Joseph made a sick proposition, offering her $100 to “allow him to suck ( her) toes,” investigators said.

She refused, so Joseph took out his wallet and offered her “as much money as she wanted,” investigators said. When that offer was rebuffed, too, Joseph allegedly offered to take the student to an ATM, where he would withdraw even more cash.

She said no again, and Joseph turned violent, grabbing the girl by the wrist and leading her to a place “where no one would see them,” according to investigators.

The girl eventually got away and reported the incident. Police began an investigation, but dropped it after learning that Joseph had already been transferred, investigators said.

Also, he was arrested on unrelated misdemeanor charges in July 2011, according to court records, but the charges were dropped.
Seriously dude??



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  1. Anonymous

    August 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Sounds like this could have been a kidknapping and maybe something worse if the girl didn't get away. It seems odd that the police dropped the investigation because he was transferred. Were they waiting for something horrible to happen somewhere else to let the police there desl with it???

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