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WHAT!..Spanish Magazine Puts First Lady Michelle Obama’s Face On Topless Slave! (Photo)

I feel there’s a lawsuit coming soon, as a Spanish magazine has found themselves at the center of racial storm after they featured a picture of a naked Michelle Obama covering their latest issue, titled de Fuera de Serie.

The mag features an image of the Michelle’s head pasted onto the body of an 1800 portrait of a black slave baring her breast. More details below…….

With the text on the cover reading:

 “Michelle Granddaughter of a Slave, Lady of America”.

According to taletela, the cover that is yet to be released – is said to be an uplifting piece on the First Lady’s important role, but seems to have left many offended.

“I find the editorial decision to portray Obama as the embodiment of enslavement and colonization extremely troubling,” writer for Clutch magazine Althea Legal-Miller wrote.

“Let’s be clear: This image has nothing to do with acknowledging Obama’s enslaved foremothers, and everything to do with reinforcing and extending the historical denial of black women’s individuality and agency,” she added.

What’s your take on the image?


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