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Wiz Khalifa REVEALS He Wants KIDS & Amber Rose WILL BE The Bearer, But Just NOT Right NOW!

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has revealed that he definitely wants kids with his fiance Amber Rose, but it’s not happening right now. 

Despite the many speculations that Rose has been seen flaunting her baby bump (which happened to be a little weight crisis) lately, the Wiz now denies she’s carrying his Baby right now. More details below……………..

During an interview on the Q Deezy Show on Philly’s 107.9, the rapper discussed his fiance Amber being pregnant and wanting her to be the mother of his kids while he rolled a blunt. 
The “Work Hard Play Hard” rapper told Q Deezy:

“I want babies. I definitely want to have kids for sure. Oh, you all think Amber’s pregnant? Cause I’ve been asked that. I’m saying here that is not what people think it is. But, she will have my baby in life, and you guys will know when she’s pregnant. But it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.”

The leader of the Taylor Gang added that he’s loving the (almost) married life and even researches it.

“It’s going awesome, man. The married life, I feel like I’m already married.” “I read books and s— like that. Like there’s this book called ‘Things I Wish I’d Known Before [We] Got Married.’ That’s a good book ’cause it just tells you a lot about being selfless and really, really communicating. And know when you get upset, just talking about it and letting them know why you’re upset.”

Here’s the full interview below:


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