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Angela Stanton PUTS “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks On BLAST For Being A Madame!

Angela Stantan (Remember her, the lady with the book called “Lies of a Real Housewife?, where she also claimed to expose her rival “Real Housewife of Atlanta” Phaedra Parks criminal ties). Well, she’s back and taking shots at Phaedra accusing her of being a Madame with proof to back it up.

However, Mrs. Parks dismissed the book and filed a defamation lawsuit against Angela’s publisher. Now, Angela took to Twitter to put the reality star and lawyer on blast in a series of tweets, according to RyhmeswithSnitch

See what she had to say below:

 She then added:

I feel there’s a lawsuit coming pretty soon!
image credit: Rhymeswithsnitch


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