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Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Wants Fans To Stop Blaming Evelyn While Enters A Plea Bargain! Plus Chad Signs Off On Their Divorce!

Well the tables have turned!… When the story first came out about the former Miami Dolphin baller Chad Johnson abusing his newly wed wife Evelyn Lozada over a condom receipt she found in their grocery van, the baller was publicly saying that he wasn’t the one abusing Ev, and she was abusing him– with many fans bashing the Basketball wives for ruining his life.

Now, Chad is saying that he was totally in the wrong for headbutting Ev, and he takes full blame for messing up his marriage. While asking fans to stop bashing her along with begging for a plea bargain after he was charged yesterday with Misdeameanor Battery by a State Attorney in Florida. More details below……………….

The lost and cannot be found baller has been keeping up his appearance in the media with his latest tattoo of Ev’s face on his right leg, rocking T-shirts displaying his love for the reality star while refusing to sign off on his divorce papers. 

See what he tweeted below:

Ain’t that a b*tch!…. However, Evelyn filed for a divorce just after 41 days of marriage on August 11, claiming that her marriage is “Irretrievably Broken,” along with loosing their spin show on Vh1 “Ev & Ocho.”

And as for court proceedings, Chad has now entered a plea bargain according to tmz:

“Chad’s attorney entered the ex-footballer’s plea in Browad County Court this morning where Chad was absent.”

So far, there hasn’t been any money talk thrown around, and it seems like Ev just wants out!….But if Chad is convicted, he’s looking do some serious jail time!


Tmz reports that Chad has finally signed off on his divorce papers, declaring the marriage is also irretrievably broken. But Chad also says he and Evelyn had a pre-nup that should be honored. 

The pre-nup stated that each party would foot their own legal bills in the case of a divorce. And since Evelyn’s trying to make Chad pay her legal bills, he wants the pre-nup enforced.”

Letting her go!


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