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Chris Brown Gets COZY With Nicole Scherzinger At SupperClub In Hollywood! + Chris Worried Over Rihanna’s Slip Up In Las Vegas! (Photos)

Last night, Chris Brown was spotted getting real cozy with Nicole Scherzinger at his “Black Pyramid,” event which was held at SupperClub in Hollywood. Plus, Breezy’s best buddy Sean Kingston was also at the event. 

The “Black Pyramid” name has to do with Breezy clothing line. Check out the pics below:

Will.I.Am was also at the event.

The two had a lot to catch up with, during that wild night of partying.

Also, Chris is reportedly worried over Rihanna’s recent slip up at 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas, according to hollywoodlife

“Chris already [talked] with Rihanna when he heard about this stuff. C’mon now, as much love as she [has] for [Chris,] he will make sure she okay.”

The 24-year was reported by The Sun newspaper to have vomitted in full view of partygoers after a heavy partying session in Las Vegas and was handed a napkin by a staff member.

According to

“He was worried about her when he heard she was f***ed up and they talked and [she’s] cool now… “

“She good and that’s the most important…No matter what, Chris don’t want to see nobody sick or on some s*** like that.”

image credit: Zimbio/Dailymail/Twitter


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