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We recently posted a few pics of Chris Brown at the Janese ‘Back To School Festival’ where the singer was spotted giving back school supplies to the less fortunate.

The 23 year old ‘Fortune’ singer opened up to “Extra’s” Terri Seymour about being exposed to domestic violence as a child growing up and how he’s helping children in similar circumstances along with his mom Joyce Hawkins by his side. More details below…………….

“I think with my situation as a kid and the trials and tribulations I’ve dealt with in my life, it is only right that I share with people who have gone through the same thing as me and show them there is a way out.” Breezy told extra.

Brown and his mom, Joyce, who also sponsor’s the program, have been spending time with kids at the center for the past three years. “I want to show these kids I love them,” the rapper explained.

He then added,

“My mom has a big heart and all my fans know that. As humans, that’s our nature, to love one another. I think it is only right that me and my mom help out.”

Watch the interview below:

Be sure to check out the Jenesse and Breezy foundation, Symphonic Love.

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  1. Why the hell is he even aloud to be apart of this…isn't this the guy who beat the breaks off Rihanna???She may have forgave him but a lot of ppl in the world hasn't and won't forget..and he makes matters worse by getting a tattoo of a woman who looks like she got a couple knocks to the face…chris brown needs to go somewhere and sit he shouldn't be speaking to this kids…

  2. @ The 1st two comments ~ the Both of you are Dumb Asses!! Clearly he's sayin when he was a Child he Too had to deal with Domestic Violence!! Seeing his Mom go thru it as well as some of the women in his neighborhood. So to Him that was Normal Behavior!! I mean. He was just a kid!! For God's Sake!! When you grow up & see everyday couples be in love, fight & still remain together what do you expect!! This Shit Happens EVERYDAY!!!

  3. The 1st two comments, u guys are a bunch of dumb ass haters!!!

    I bet u aint go nothing better to do with your lives than to judge a man by one mistake out of all the good he's done (voluntarily)..

    Y'all are just stupid!!

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