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Earlier today, Chris Brown was back in court for his mandatory probation hearing in his ‘Felony Battery’ charge on Rihanna

Recently, Breezy did a drug test in Virginia and failed it on June 18 during his community service, where the test results came back ‘Positive’ for Marijuana. More details below…………

According to TMZ, the 24 year-old ‘Fortune’ singer was denied by a California Judge for his request to be taken off probation. The Judge therefore let him off with a warning, while reminding him to follow the law. 

“According to Chris’ probation report, He told his probation officer he had smoked weed in California — where he has a medical marijuana prescription — and then failed the test in Virginia, where weed is illegal … prescription or no prescription. 

Judge Patricia Schnegg said she never ordered Brown to undergo mandatory drug testing as part of his probation, so she cut him a break … this time … letting him off with a stern reminder to obey all laws.”

Checkout the video below:

Also, all day today, Rih was busy sending out a series of prayer tweets to her ex-boyfriend Chris, where many fans were puzzled by the tweets and luckily the songstress was only shedding some light on Breezy’s court case. See the tweets here.

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